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Irish NPS 2 Killarney

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

It was great to see the sun shining in Killarney, for a change! The track was dry and dusty and is definitely one of the most fun and technical tracks in Ireland. 

The team were riding fast, getting in plenty of practice.  Probably too much because of the dry conditions.  The one thing that was going to be tough about this track is that the track was so short and therefore the times were going to be tight.

Rosco put a fast time in on his second run of 1.13, which put him into 3rd place only 3 tenths behind winner Seanan O’Riordan.  Scott battled it out in his category, improving on last rounds results, but still off the podium mark.  Jonny had two clean runs (no crashes this week) and just missed out on the podium, finishing 6th place.