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Rosco’s Bike Gets OC Tuned!

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

YouTube Preview ImageJames from OC Tuning spent today working at Rosco’s bike with suspension setup to help him to get the edge and get back to form! He started with the rear shock where he fitted the new RC 4 but made it custom by using a DHX 5 lower end to give it a smoother feel and more sensitive for the low speed compression. James also had some prototype bushes that had needle bearings built in so that when the shock compresses this allows the shock to rotate which improves smoothness. Next was the forks, after a good cleaning james replaced the oils and then we tried a few different springs and oil quantitys to get the weight right and was pleased to get a balance for the whole bike. Rosco would like to thank james and the team at OC Tuning for their help and support.


Eco Show Live!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

The Eco show took place at the Kings Hall fri 8th-sun 10th Oct. The show was put on to help people to go Eco friendly and to show them ways on how to save energy. Rosco joined forces with the Bike Dock crew who were encouraging people to leave the car at home and cycle to work!

  One of the activites that became very popular was the kids slow bike challange were kids under th age of 12 had to ride a short distance as slow as possible without putting their feet down!

Rosco also did some skills training with the kids including Braking control, Track stand and riding over some man made humps.

There was also an adults fast bike challange on the turbo trainer for the fastest speed MPH Which some roadie cleaned up with a speed of 67 MPH!! and took home the £500 gift voucher for Bike Dock. But anyone who didnt feel like competing went to smoothie cycles where they could cycle to power up a smoothie  and of course enjoy it afterwards!

After some coaching from rosco some of the kids were getting very confident!

Big kid here! Event organiser

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Rosco put on a few shows bunny hopping over people also jumping over Bike Dock Bell Andrea!


Eco Show Kings Hall 8-10 Oct

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Roscolines will be joining forces with BikeDock at this years Eco show at the Kings Hall in belfast. Rosco will be putting a few shows with his newly made ramps! and will also be doing some group coaching. BikeDock will also have some of their new bikes including some electric bikes! So dont miss out!


2010 Irish National Champs

Monday, September 6th, 2010

The race was held at the rostrevor venue which has to be one of the best tracks and venue set ups! Hosted by CRC who put on a great event which has to be the best Nationals to date!

The track was the same as last year with some changes like a great jump in to the finish. the track had everthing in it steep, tech, fast and worthy of a national Championships. The one thing that stood out was how dry the track was! It was so dusty and fast that made it quite slippery but great fun.

All the riders where enjoying the track and pleased with there practice before seeding, Jonny Charters had a flyer which put him in to 2nd in the u16, Rosco also went well ending fastest in the elites. Benji had a steady run in the seniors but knew he could do better!

Race day came and Rosco didnt look too happy with not much sleep due to loud CRC ones from the shop! But had to deal with it and focus on the race. Jonny was first of the team down the mountain who didnt have a great run due to pressure on himself  knowing how fast he could go and ended up in forth. Benji had a steady run which he was pleased with and ended up 21st in the seniors. Rosco also crumbled under pressure making mistakes and blowing out corners and had to settle for 3rd but thats racing!!


Irish NPS7 Carrick – Rosco wins!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Rosco finally takes his first win at the last round of the series, only to just miss out on the overall!  It looks like Rosco has come into some good form and will now be concentrating on the National Champs.

It was good to be back at Carrick as the track is always good and fun to ride even though it happened to be a bit wet! The course had some changes which were good and made the track a little more technical.

Jonny charters proved again to be consistent with another great result in 3rd which ended him up 4th overall in the series, not bad for his first full year racing!

Charters senior made a debut appearance and competed in the vets where he went 30 seconds quicker in his 2nd run to set a new rosco lines record as none of the other riders have went this much faster in their 2nd run, watch this space!


Irish NPS 6 Wicklow

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Round 6 brought us to a new venue by the Epic crew. The track was fun at the top but a bit pedally at the bottom so some fitness required! Young Charters in the u16 proved that he had been training hard by taking his best result so far in 2nd ahead of cam cornforth. Rosco also doing the same with a 2nd to finally break his string of 3rd places.


Irish NPS Rd 5 Cullo

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010


The guys were all pleased to be back to cullo this year as its one of the best!

The course was the same as last year but with some inprovements which made less pedaling. the track had everthing in it including some good switch backs half way down!

Jonny charters had a nightmare of a weekend with breaking his mech in his first run then getting a punture on his second run! No points this weekend. Junior rider scott finished in the top ten with two consistant runs and same for ben in the seniors also top ten with two consistant runs. Rosco lived up to his new nick name (colin the 3rd!) taking his 5th 3rd place in a row!

All the guys really motivated to improve in Rd6 Bring in on!


Irish NPS Rd 4 Cahir

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Back to cahir but this time in the sun!

The track was real fast with some big jumps, so after a few run ups it was risk it for a biscuit!

The guys were all lookin fast and with a bit of extra practice on sat evening they were good to go for sun. That was until rosco woke up on sun morning feelin as rough as a dog with the flu! He didnt get out of bed for practise and wasnt sure to race, but dragged himself up for first run which he got a punture! So had to go for a steady second run which placed him 3rd for the forth time in a row! Benji completed two consistent runs which placed him 15th in seniors but knows he can do a lot better.

Young jonny placed 4th in u16 and is consistantly gettin on the podium in his first full season! Big things still to come!


Circuit Training

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Circuit training will be stopping for the summer and will start back on the first monday in september, so get outside and enjoy the weather while it lasts!


Irish NPS 3 Dunmanway

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

It was great to see the CRC world cup team which is great for Irish racing!

The track was very tough and steep and the weather conditions were wet making it twice as hard. This was good cause it tested the riders abilities and  pushed them to a higher level.

Rosco was lookin fast all weekend and was feelin confident for his first run. But half way down the track crashed out and had to get ready for the second, he had a safe clean run which placed him 3rd splitin up the CRC team. Ben had a good first run which placed 9th in the seniors whic is his best result so far, scott also placed 9th and jonny was pleased to get back on the podium with a 5th place.