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Colin Ross (Rosco) is a x8 time national downhill mountainbike champion in Ireland, x2 Red Bull Foxhunt Champion and ended 2015 with a 55th world ranking in the Enduro World Series. Through his career in cycling he also worked as a fitness instructor at a local gym in belfast and after working there for over 7 years he decided in 2009 to go out on his own and started up “Rosco Lines”.  The idea behind this was to setup a company that specifies in both mountainbike coaching and fitness training. So whether it’s XC, DH, Enduro or just for fun and fitness we will have something to suit your needs.  We also offer Circuit training classes to  improve fitness, muscle tone and weight loss.

Colin Ross

cavehill selfie  Where: Stoneyford, Lisburn

  Sponsors: Vitus Bikes

  Motivations: Getting beat

Inspirations: Jesus 

Acheivements: x8 Times Irish DH National Champion, 2013 / 2015 Redbull Foxhunt winner

Perfect Day: My wedding day

Tunes: Hillsongs

Film: Iam Legend, Seven Pounds

Future: Heaven