Team RL Irish National Championships | Rosco Lines

Team RL Irish National Championships

The National Champs comes around once each year and is known as the “Big one”. All the riders step up their training and speed to be crowned National Champion. Riders that maybe havent been competing lately turn up and this showed with nearly 250 competitors! The weather had been good for a few weeks making the track very dusty and with the track being one of the fastest this was a struggle to find grip. The team were all going well until seeding runs when michael went off line at the top off a rock drop landing on a tree stomp flinging him over the bars into a face plant smashing (another helmet) and hyper extending his elbow and putting him out of the race. Lets hope he makes a speedy recovery and will be back on form for the last round of the NPS in september.

First up in the race was Honcho in the masters. Honcho had been struggling to find his pace all weekend and this showed with making a big mistake at the top and going off line and having to try and catch up on the rest of his run. He made it down into 2nd spot just 1.5 seconds behind winner dale. Next up was Rosco in the elites. Rosco had been steadily been improving all weekend and on the race put down good clean run but maybe a little safe putting him into 3rd spot and 3rd overall. Rosco was pleased to be back on the podium as he hasnt been out of the top 3 four years running! But he is still motivated to come back strong next year.

The guys would like to thank everyone for their support!


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