Fortwilliam World Cup Rd 2 | Rosco Lines

Fortwilliam World Cup Rd 2

Rosco made the trip over to Scotland for the 2nd round of the World Cup to have another go at competing against the best riders in the world. The track is known as the longest and roughest on the entire circuit making it a difficult transition from racing in Ireland as it is about 5 minutes long! Practice was tough as there was only one full day and alot of track to learn with so many lines to choose from. Rosco started slow and tried to build up speed gradually as he got more comfortable with the track but qualifying came round fast and he knew he was going to have to push it. His run went well being safe and clean but prob didnt push it enough and didnt make the cut into the top 80 but all in all was a great weekend and good training for the rest of the season back in Ireland.


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