Team Rosco Lines Irish NPS Rd 2 Leap, Cork | Rosco Lines

Team Rosco Lines Irish NPS Rd 2 Leap, Cork


Team RL were back to full force with Rosco back and recoverd from his broken rib, though he did have a very bad stomach bug leading up to the race and was hit or miss if he would make it. But he dragged himself out of bed and made the trip down to join team mates Honcho and Michael. Leap was a new venue and track so it was hard to know what to expect. The track was steep and technical which suited the guys and made it worth the trip. Practice went well that was when Honcho decided to get out of bed! It was very wet but was alot of fun once you knew were you going with alot of cool off cambers and tight corners. Race day the rain stayed away and the course got faster. Honcho was first up in the masters. He took it steady on the first run and new what he had to do on the second, but didnt go to plan with having two crashes which put him back in 3rd. He was not pleased! but will be back strong for the next round. Next up was Michael and Rosco in the Elites. Both got a safe run with michael going in to 3rd and Rosco a little behind in 4th, but the track was drying  and getting faster so it was gonna be the second run to count. Rosco got it together with only a few mistakes and went 5 seconds faster putting him into 2nd but shortly after got knocked down to 3rd. Michael was on a stormer but made a mistake and had a crash and came down 2 seconds faster than his previous run and put him into 4th just behind Rosco. Pretty Good weekend for the team with all 3 riders on the podium, but you can be sure they will all be looking to do better at the next round in cullo in june. Bring it on!


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