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Look, no hands!

I’ve been off with a chest infection for nearly a month now and have started to get frustrated with not being able to get out so I decided to hit the trails and just take it easy.  I brought Didi up with me to take a few shots while I messed around and sectioned a few lines.  The new bike is feeling really good but I’m from the old school of mountain biking and used to narrow bars.  The bars on my new bike are a good bit wider (well about 40mm each side) and towards the end of the day managed to clip them on a tree.  Check out the shots just seconds before the crash!  When I hit the ground I didn’t even realise what had happened, but it was a pretty painful, landing on a massive rock and wedging my leg between my frame and seat post.

It was one of those crashes were you don’t know if you’ve seriously injured yourself or not for a few seconds, but luckily enough I escaped with a few bruises, and then called into the local shop for some frozen pea repair.  Lesson for the day – watch those wide bars on trees!  Cheers Didi for taking the shots.

On other news, Rosco has been making some interesting modifications to his bike.  Check back soon to see what this is all about.

Andy Yoong


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  1. Sadhbh Says:

    All you need is some bar ends to catch the trees good and proper! Think Didi is catching up on the old photography side of things, never seen a shot like that from you Andy 😉 Hope you’re not too bruised.

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