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Rosco’s Been Cutting Again!

Rosco has been at it again! This time he has  shortened the length of his chain stay as it was sitting at about 457mm just under 18inchs! Davey (Big Chief) has been working night and day to make sure he got all the numbers right before the cuts. After the cuts he had to make a jig to bolt around the frame exactly to the measurements of how it would fit so that it would weld together in the right shape. The length is now brought  down to 435mm which is just under 17 and a quarter inches. This was an error made after the last time he brought his BB height down and made it longer! Next up will be to shorten the length of the top tube to get the wheel clearance corrected and a few other things. So check back soon to see how this ends up and hopfully Rosco gets the angles and measurements he is looking for!


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  1. Honcho Says:

    Crazyness Rosco. Will good to see what it’s like when it’s finished.

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