Ross and Boyd 2011 bikes confirmed | Rosco Lines

Ross and Boyd 2011 bikes confirmed

Colin Ross – KTM

Rosco will be sticking with KTM for the 2011 season. Over the last couple of seasons he has been doing some modifications and is very happy with them and pleased with all the angles. Also with the help of OC Tuning suspension will be set up to cater for all tracks and conditions. Rosco is very comfortable with his bike and is looking forward to the race season.

Michael Boyd – Transition

Michael his finally come to grips with his transition which he recieved late in the race season this year! He has been testing different angles and suspension set up for a while now and is now feeling good. Michael is very new to the sport and new to bike and suspension set up, but he is learning fast and this is what will be a big help to him in the coming season.


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