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Eco Show Live!

The Eco show took place at the Kings Hall fri 8th-sun 10th Oct. The show was put on to help people to go Eco friendly and to show them ways on how to save energy. Rosco joined forces with the Bike Dock crew who were encouraging people to leave the car at home and cycle to work!

  One of the activites that became very popular was the kids slow bike challange were kids under th age of 12 had to ride a short distance as slow as possible without putting their feet down!

Rosco also did some skills training with the kids including Braking control, Track stand and riding over some man made humps.

There was also an adults fast bike challange on the turbo trainer for the fastest speed MPH Which some roadie cleaned up with a speed of 67 MPH!! and took home the £500 gift voucher for Bike Dock. But anyone who didnt feel like competing went to smoothie cycles where they could cycle to power up a smoothie  and of course enjoy it afterwards!

After some coaching from rosco some of the kids were getting very confident!

Big kid here! Event organiser

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Rosco put on a few shows bunny hopping over people also jumping over Bike Dock Bell Andrea!


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