Irish NPS Rd 5 Cullo | Rosco Lines

Irish NPS Rd 5 Cullo


The guys were all pleased to be back to cullo this year as its one of the best!

The course was the same as last year but with some inprovements which made less pedaling. the track had everthing in it including some good switch backs half way down!

Jonny charters had a nightmare of a weekend with breaking his mech in his first run then getting a punture on his second run! No points this weekend. Junior rider scott finished in the top ten with two consistant runs and same for ben in the seniors also top ten with two consistant runs. Rosco lived up to his new nick name (colin the 3rd!) taking his 5th 3rd place in a row!

All the guys really motivated to improve in Rd6 Bring in on!


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