Irish NPS Rd 4 Cahir | Rosco Lines

Irish NPS Rd 4 Cahir

Back to cahir but this time in the sun!

The track was real fast with some big jumps, so after a few run ups it was risk it for a biscuit!

The guys were all lookin fast and with a bit of extra practice on sat evening they were good to go for sun. That was until rosco woke up on sun morning feelin as rough as a dog with the flu! He didnt get out of bed for practise and wasnt sure to race, but dragged himself up for first run which he got a punture! So had to go for a steady second run which placed him 3rd for the forth time in a row! Benji completed two consistent runs which placed him 15th in seniors but knows he can do a lot better.

Young jonny placed 4th in u16 and is consistantly gettin on the podium in his first full season! Big things still to come!


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